Cure all cancers
                      now, right at this moment! 
                      --no wild-goose chasing

                        1. Fast service available immediately to save those who already have late                                 stage cancer, if they invest!

                        2. Late stage solid tumor not a problem--No kidding! Not science fiction!
                        3. Design cancer drugs according to patient's unique genome.            
                        4. Develop cancer drugs according to FDA guideline
                        5. If you are cancer free, then please invest in us to save the World

                        6. We will invest our own money. No salary for at least one year.
                        8. You will not lose money unless we lose money first.
                        9. We will not get any benefit unless you get benefit first.
                                     What Are We Offering?

The time for curing (yes, we said curing) all types of cancers is not in the distant future. It isn’t even in the near future. It is now—right at this moment.  The following are our services.

               Customer-design cancer drugs

Our new, cutting-edge technology will be able to design cancer-curing drugs according to a patient’s unique genome. This new technology will work for all types of cancers, as well as benign tumors. Even at cancer’s most progressive stage of development, these drugs will stop and cure it (e.g., late stage solid tumors resistant to all current therapies). If you are capable of investing, and need a series of cancer drugs to protect your own life from current cancer, please click here .

Supply pipeline of new cancer drugs to pharmaceutical companies

In addition to the individualized drug design, we can provide a large pipeline of next generation cancer drugs to pharmaceutical companies with very reasonable prices. Please click here if you represent a pharmaceutical company.

                Opportunities for investors

If you are a private investor please click here.   You can invest on us to start a new company.  On the other hand, if you have already invested a lot in a oncology company, but the company appears to go nowhere, please feel free to give us a call.  We can help your company turn around by new strategies and new products, just like Steve Jobs turned around Apple computer by iphone  and ipad.  Please note that Dr. Zheng, our founder, is willing to invest his own money into this project, and will not take salary for at least one year.

                             Strategic alliance

We welcome all kind of collaboration and strategic alliance.  Please feel free to write to us.